Ken Yokoyama/Best Wishese

Sold My Soul To R ’N R

Ken Yokoyama

word: KEN・MINAMI music: KEN

『Best Wishese』収録


As a kid Satan and voodoo
Seemed so cool, but I knew all that stuff wasn't quite for me
And I've seen the crossroads where the Devil and
that RJ made a deal but no way it didn't happen to me

never relied on anyone
no need for me to rest my heart
If I must say so, I sold my soul to RnR
Though it takes courage if you wanna live this way

Now it's the language that I speak
Oh and now Rock is the one most thing in this world
that I can believe

All this religion and politics
Can't get by this shitty world
if your not armed with knowledge
Don't you think that all of this and that is too complicated
Oh but hey, RnR is simple and easy to fit in

It's all the same for everyone
We all need something to lean on
And as for me you know, I sold my soul to RnR
To think about it, I sold it at fifteen

Now RnR is what I am
And so now RnR and myself are the only things I believe

That's it, now you know
Sold my soul to RnR
now, on with the show

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