Pay money To my Pain/「gene」

Last wine

Pay money To my Pain

word: K music: Pay money To my Pain



I've been here before
I've seen you before
Talk to me now I will show up for you
You're running again, you're a loser tripping around

You locked up the window to keep me inside
Bring it to me, I wanna taste my last wine
You brought it on your self
There is nowhere to go anywhere
Pour me my last wine

Don't break my heart
I'll be by your side
You make me wanna be with you
But you're always running away

We all can beat it
Don't cover your eyes
Coming for you
The death will be waiting
Don't turn away
Stop hiding yourself
Show me your soul
The gate is open

You set this up
To be on top
Cash in on me while I taste my last wine
Defend me now. I suggest that when it's still a lie
When it's still a lie

I was gonna kill myself
Then you brought me my last wine

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