SiM/Silence iz Mine



word: MAH music: SiM

『Silence iz Mine』収録


can you hear that?

you lost in black and white situation
if you wanna survive raise tension
and fight against the temptations
you told me enemies everywhere
so dude pay attention!
you are dead right after talkin' to me
I told that go to bed but you were walkin' to sea
hoping to meet her you calling me
but I'll ignore you cuz you didn't pay a fee
he said that maybe I tell you damn lie
for your future and he put on a tie

because of you
she can't get to sleep through the night
get out of my sight don't look into my eyes
I don't know why you try to be a blind
near that cove with no love
I just stared a flying dove

Can you hear that? I want to fly so high

I don't know why I can't fly again
but I keep on breathing
I want to fly so high I'm alright if I die
Can you hear that? I can trip tonight


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