SiM/Silence iz Mine

Here I am


word: MAH music: SiM

『Silence iz Mine』収録


bold man in the cold mountain ...
just like a same old wacky homie's story of the stormy life that you told me
why you pretend to don't know me?
I remember that you call me and I know everything
you sold me you gave everyone the ax by fax for little jack to pay to tax
don't pack a knife cuz it's useless don't plot to attack in the darkness
just do your best and confess that you're mother fucking pest!
every sinful mouse has a little vice against my advice
they melt the ice feel like something in my eyes
you need to get a pat on the back you lack everything
so why you lying on a track?
if every brain was insane as you saying every
why you don't feel the same? you get vain?
can't you know every words coming from you are scattered about on the floor
pack it up pack it up and get the fuck out of the door

here I am ... it's time to deliver

fucked up kings made fucked up things like fucked up freaks made fucked up drink
give me some pink like that fucked up pimp cuz Ilike to sink into the air
don't think that you know me cuz I'm not a dink
this is not a microphone test wear a protective vest before the bullet hit in your chest
you've got no time to rest forget your nest hey! let me remind you it's not a microphoneyou test
you seem bored and pore to over fucking home work and really torn as fucking worn thing
don't be seen in psychotherapy by your enemy
you better fight against authority than blame society
dream or green which do ya need? if you want to get liberty stand up on your feet!
the key is aready in your seed so get up stand up and smoke crying weed

here I am ... it's time to deliver

please don't hit me dude you know I like you I didn't mean to spit on your nice tattoo
it's not like you point a pistol to my temple cut the temper you just caught in december

let's trip to Kingston ... from Houston
LDP a.k.a Vi.P hates to smoke weed fucked devils of greed...
stand up! don't turn back stand up! fight for your right

I know you haven't courage where's your conviction? baby you just living in a fiction
here I am... it's time to deliver give me some ganja cuz I ain't believer
this song for anyone who try to take action and now it's time to begin
no time to wait speak the truth remind the rules define your values


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