SiM/Silence iz Mine



word: MAH music: SiM

『Silence iz Mine』収録


you are alone there's something wrong
you hate everything and feel isolated
loosing the reason for live yourself
cut the wrist and bleed again but it makes nothing

you've drifted monochrome world
come out and sing with me, you seem bored
if every mice form a line will you get in a line?
empty words from empty brains
dizzy sound makes you insane
you can't even dream dreams
scream that I can't touch the sunbeam
looking for the knife and gauze
and say to me same old word that I feel nothing

tell me how I fall or take me to the hole

you just don't know what you are looking for
there's nothing to be afraid of
change the colors of the world
you don't have to fall
just leave your monochrome world


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