Heads and Tails


word: AG music: HIDE



My sadness still reminds me of my past feeling
To discard my own scars
Right here, I'll never look back
Too much freedom makes you blind
Show me a coin that you can find
That has two sides
You can decide
Which side your will would want to take?

All I want is not just one
That's what I take
I've got pleasure and pain inside of me
All I want is not just one
This is my chance
To flip a coin to find my "heads and tails"

What makes a picture perfect?
Inside this mind that you frame
With eyes that seek this one way
Through just one window
Every time feel the chains locking you
Have you ever turned your head to the view?
Is this just anything or everything you made by yourself?

What do you see?
Fact of fiction, fake or real
There are always two sides to every story


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