The BONEZ/To a person that may save someone

To a person that may save someone


word: Jesse McFaddin music: T$UYO$HI

『To a person that may save someone』収録


story will be told on
people will discuss you
standing alone will not help you to find
let me lean on you so I can let you lean on me
it whispers "maybe" when every body says "no"
believe in me

people be killing today, people be yelling hooray
whats going on with the world today its going down in the drain
I'm challenging to changing things
don't stop to change you're mind
won't stop because its our time
know what could make you a live
tell me how you feel
were taking too much time
lets believe it just one time
do not forget this one, that's why I wrote this song

I've made a promise, to a person that may save someone
I've made a promise, one thing may help another one
I know your scared to believe in take two
the feeling of trust is all I'm asking you
I've been expecting to make this plan with you

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