the GazettE/DISORDER


the GazettE

word: 流鬼. music: the GazettE



The dearest fiance is me
It whisper in sweet voice
You are having already died...
I did not find a translation
Me reflected in a mirror
Her who looks at it and cries
Please let me know someone
I am in such a figure why...
Carry... can you love such me?
Carry,,, may in a side all the time?
Carry...? do not already cry...
Carry... I do not go anywhere

Who made me such figure?
It is a already many
To die, if it was such a thing is easier
It is a too pitiable and is too unhappy...
I am not a ghost
It gives without seeing me by such eye
I have really become what?
The head is likely to be crazy
Please help me,,, It will die
AuDoesn't it understand? You are already dead...

It remembered at last At that time I was dead?
At that time it jamped down from building and died
Carry... I love you forever...
Carry... Good bye dearest you...

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