coldrain/Nothing lasts forever

Miss you


word: Masato music: Masato

『Nothing lasts forever』収録


I'm lying here on a bed my eyes are closed but I'm awake
I wish the dream would never end you'd still be next to me
I thought this would be easier I'd do my thing and this would work
But now I'm here trying to find a song to make this emptiness disappear

When all it is, is I miss you

As days go by nights go long you'd think I'd find a better song
But I'm still here trying to find a way to make this emptiness disappear
But it still won't disappear

Cause everywhere I go you're always on my mind
But I just wish you wouldn't call me tonight
Cause when I hear your voice it reminds me of the choice
I made to not always be by your side
And every time you cry you kept the pain inside
You lie for me with


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