I knew the things would be like this
However it happns in present I can't make any move
I'm staring at the rage of the lights
A numbers of cars are passing by giving no attention to my parked car
They make me feel like left behind from the time

There's not anyone going back or going different ways
It seems like the rule of the nod is to going foward

※I'm riding the big wave under the sunshine
I can see the glory over there I'm going straight away
This gonna take me to the place
I cheking the road sign how many miles away is the destination
I'm driving "No Name Exit". I want you to take me to there

Suddenly the traffic light became green from red
It's like the sun is telling me "You have lost,so why don't you find"

The alternative is decided I don't have the guilt any more
I release brak pedal then I turn my blinker on


She said "it is not everything
Makes no difference Making a brand-new step
That's the key to bring your smile back"

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