we've all been beaten and broken
buried in fear with no place to hide
the endless fight
we've all felt hopeless and useless
sick ot being constantly denied
of our way of life

from the ashes we'll rise
spreading wings out
it's our time to shine

standing on the frontline of life
are you ready to ignite?
reaching tor the skyline we'll fly
lighting up the world tonight
we are alive we are alive
and there's no stoping us now
we are the fire that paints the sky

no longer blinded by the darkness ot our minds
it's time to be the light

I don't want to see I don't wont to see
from the eyes of the wise let our hearts be free
I want to believe I want to believe
there's a higher ground we can all achive

we'll keep on dreaming till we die
so don't you even try to stop us

it's easy to lose your soul
and still think your in control
this world is cruel and somethings all just have to fall
It's easy to lose yourself
and still think your fine just breathing
but believe me just breathing is far from alive

we are the fire that paints the sky
we'll keep on dreaming until we die

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