Back against the wall
She slowly starts to crawl
Time is about to be burnt
We got a proof of life
You're standing in the dark and dedicate for shadow
Life and death are closer
We will become a way to be desperated
We're always running to seek for love
I've seen it before
When you're screaming and breakout
Inside your soul
Be afraid
Take my all evil again, yeah
My promise form to be a sword
Payback is scratching your faith
Can't breathe anywhere
Fight !
What are you fighting for ?
You said but we're on the absolute

So we jaded
Just keep faded
But we're holding on to you
So I just promise you
One day, you let me know
You remember
Just keep feeling mistaken and trying
I want to cross over you

I am a taste of fucking dive
We fall down, down deeper
Stay forever
You hold a whisper to me
Can't remember

We're singing for many people that start their back against wall
I promise for you a broken soul
Now you can come to me

And we are on the absolute
You feel the light and dark
We stay we stand

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