Don't take a trip
to anywhere alone
You jumped on a ship
which is almost drowned
You said you were faking
then do I love your clone?
He has a quick temper
once fired.
He cannot control
He cannot control

I know that you're lying to me
That's way we collide
I know that you're calling
every night in secret
I pretend to be a sleeping child
try to shut my ears to you
He loves a fresh comfort
it's not me
'Cos I'm too dry to give
I'm too dry to give

Sing or just stay
if you cannot sleep
Give me a kiss
to run away from nightmares
I don't like to make sure
if you're next to me
when I wake up with fears
I rather stay in my dream
That's better than losing myself
You'll find me disappeared
You'll find me disappeared

Your sleepig child is gone
Your sleepig child is gone

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