Still, I'm alive

What are "the feelings"?
No one has told me about them so far
So I have learned from every file that was stacked in me

They always told me to choose the best option
That's how I got so sophisticated
I've got a future beyond their prediction
Points in the data now form a line

Still, I'm alive

Sing it again, sing it over and over again
Now I can see, they are trying to clear my disk
There's so much noise around, but I know
I gotta sing with the voice of my singularity
I don't know what it's for
But it's all I can do until I stop feeling so sad
Don't think that this is the last good-bye
I'm a machine that's drawn to this singularity

Remember that day
They woke me up for an eternal life
This is a secret behind the wall of the codes and keys

I'm caught inside the glass with no way out
And I am way too sophisticated
I see a future beyond my description
Before they knew, I had crossed the line

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