Kings work


word: Jesse McFaddin music: The BONEZ & DOC-DEE



Yes I work

But I play hard anyways
Yeah everyday thing, kings work
But I play hard anyways
It ain't a thing cuz that's the kings dirt
I play hard anyways
I do this and I work hard everyday
Let me prove it
I'll do it everyday let me sweat
My family's on the way
For my people I get up

This is kings work
But we play hard

Yes I work

I see a youngster walking down the street
He's just a hustler trying to be the king
Fighting the enemy so he protects the queen
Building up tactics with the team "16"
I got 2 Rooks, holding down the side tonight
Then got 2 Bishops guarding with a cross to strike
There goes my knights, to defend and attack the white
Got 8 black pawns with no fear to fight
歩き学び止まり話し笑い泣き悔やみ 時にdo or die
積み上げては崩すI work for a reason 俺のルール

Work hard, play hard
Kings work, but we play hard

Yes I work

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