the telephones/NEW!

Broken Government

the telephones

word: 石毛輝 music: 石毛輝


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  • Beautiful girl
    Your eyes like a shining star
    Beautiful boy
    Don't close your mind

    Beautiful day
    We're going anywhere
    You and I
    Love you forever
    We promised

    Brightest light
    We wait all day and night
    Brightest sun
    You could be my cloud
    Falling rain
    I could be your umbrella
    Brightest hope
    It's so - called “Love and Peace”

    Pa Pa Pa
    Come with you
    Come with me

    Sound of river
    Just like a nursery song for adult
    Color of wind
    Looks like a rainbow
    Songs of mother
    Yes, now I'm a grown-up man
    Songs of you and me
    It's feeling calm

    We never give up
    Never enough
    Never good enough
    We're going to...
    We're going to...

    Pa Pa Pa
    Come with you
    Come with me

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