Look back at past days.
The days were gathered pain.

Bling me back another day
I have a lot of the deepest lies.

I lost shine to find the way.
Don't be left alone again.

Take me away never end.
I wanna forget the dirty life.

My god,save me again,please.
I know the meaning of life, wants proof of existence.

悲しみのbreath 音を立てず償いの涙隠した
歪みゆくdays 空見上げて泣き続けた

捨て去ったfake 風を受けて伝えたい言葉並べた
ひび割れるlip 痛むほどに哀まみれた

帰れない変われない 逃げ出すドアに手を振った
maybe I cry again
Destroy the weakness and survive in your sigh.

戻れない届かない 遠退く全てが恐かった
save me by youreself
Destroy the weakness and survive in your sigh.

Why did you know well should believe your way?
Because I did not bend the belief.
Shoot at the enemy into your brain.
Its have your face you are.