I'm filled with a lots of questions
Too many to answer and I'm losing my patience
Now, see just like I mentioned
Already my anger has appeared in sentence
Moving me away so fast it seems endless
Making me want to regret, then I'm speechless
Don't take my words away ill lose my sharpness
Then I'll be lost in the world of darkness
Losing my self again, then I should be sorry?
There goes another one, hate her or love her now
Losing you will kill me, then I should be lonely
There goes another one, hate her or love her now
I might not have those specially abilities
But I'm sure that I'm filled with curiosity
Nothing to be sorry and that's philosophy
From a mother that runs in the family

Hey look at the sky
The moon shines
Hey look at the sky
The moon shine
Glow just glow illuminate

Beautiful but deadly and it comes daily
love it or not, it sure loves you with a heart beat
why do my feelings cause trouble
peoples looking down on me and its understandable
still asking why is this, why is that a puzzle
little imagination gets stepped in a puddle
mortified thoughts and ideas are so gullible
but making sure that I still have my shovel
keep digging and believe, after the tunnel
you might find someone that feels all your struggle
you and me we might make a good couple
we could build a place called home, our catsle
Im living proof, I do things to prove
for who? I don't even know do I care or do you?
I thought so, nobody knows and thats ok
just don't let your fire ran away
ask me how because its simple but its difficult
mind gets twisted in a test like riddle
nothing to be sorry were still in the middle
of a faze to become that perfect circle

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