I'm afraid that he's going to end up his life The existence is close
I have the dread in a few days I will lose him He's got something behind

The things are too big for a person
We do have the time to feel like throwing away the pieces we need
But that is erasing the track

※This is a war against me and the guys have broken wings
They wanna fly but they don't have motivation
In the end the gonna frighten of their weakness and run away
But I don't let them to go to the north

The moon rising to the water It changesto his face
Does he have the mind?

I saw him thousand times but it's the worst face I've ever seen
What can I do?

I want him to notice that "the end is the end and you'll never be back"
So pick up the pieces once you hated
And walk along the track you see


Wow From the biginning you know Start over again


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