The birds are flying the sky and singing my favorit melodies
It's april 17th
Today she is marring a guy
I cannot stay at home
It's supossed to be happy but somehow I feel awkward

Last night I made a wish upon the star
Even if it's a dream I wanna marry her
Does the chance still remain?

※Run to the chance before it's gone
There's no time to choose the better
Cuz this is what I wanted
Church bells are calling me
I remember the time and the words I said
She had in her mind someone special
But nothing lasts forever
Bang the door I wanna open it

There's the smell that like April has this kind of atmosphere
Many good-byes, encounters

I am watching the church What's going on inside?
I can't go into the hall I'm a little man
Give me courage

Last six days I've been sinking to the bottom
But I think I was wrong
I wanna say best wishes for a beautiful life


She might be there
She might be smiling
She might be waiting for me there
I cannot find the words to say
She has just started a new life


I'm gonna bang the door and open it

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