Even you do what you want, time to suffer will come.
Even you get serious, the damned time will just arrive.
Can't escape from reality and keep yourself alive.
Decide to pull the trigger or not.
That Everyone hides inside.

Like a flame burn.
Body hits the bullshit ground.
The fxxkin' clock ticks to the end.
hey.It started since the time we have been born.
It have began

There were too much fxxkin' nights so feared me and never let me fall into the sleep.
Remember we have tried to overcome and spit it out when they fxxkin' laugh at us.
There is nothing to be afraid anymore.

Hey, my friends. there is nothing to care about it. Do not be afraid to lose your game.
Let's melt all the fixed idea with this only one heart just about to boil. Bring it on.
There is nothing to be afraid anymore.

No going back.
War has started.