Looking through the sky [through the sky]
(out the) window
Watching the flying birds, I felt jealous
When I saw (the) wet bird on (a) rainy day, I felt a bit sorry

I admire {the good people} because I'm... diffident diffident diffident diffident
Check it out now yo

Regretting it turned out like this

Stop it Matching yourself with anyone
It's really silly
So you should have confidence
oh You are yourself
Facing what only you can do and think
Go and do it right now

Age that everything is things is set, though we are in a blessed environment, some people aren't able to do things
(A) world with too much information
It seems hard to show your real self

Light up your own mind
Find your unique self that you
oh raised up
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi

Now are you ready to jump into the world with confidence and eagerness! Yeah!
当て所なく歩いた夜も 今の僕を支えている
I've started to see the real world and all my dreams became a goal to me ah

Let us be
[be able to able to have courage
A talent can't talent can't be achieved without any effort
No such thing as a perfect person exists in this world]

Why not take a chance of yours

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