I'm sure that you know by now
We all fall once in a while
So let every tear dry up
Like the memories that fade away
Like this

Yeah, got no time to be praying for something
Yeah, let it go lose control for nothing

Yeah, just breath

We live to die believing what we are
Before our time rewinds to fall apart
It's just a way of life
To see beyond the Fork in the Road

Sometimes we get lost to find purpose now and then
even if things don't go your way
don't you dare let go of better days

What's the point of killing time
If you're trying to find what's beyond just reason
What's the point of killing time
Wasting breath to say that you don't care

I don't care when I say it again I don't care
Oh yeah!!

If I fall down to the ground
And crack my teeth well "I don't care"
When everybody's making noise
All I hear is rock and roll everyday so I don't care
Every pressure we blow
We throw it in the air
Fuck it all I don't care

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