The Burden


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『The Voyages』収録

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  • People can't select the place of their nativity
    The weak look for the adversary and envy
    The media projects counterfeits
    And the authority pities as they idly look at it

    The downfall
    The crisis approaches

    A people discharges itself into carnage
    One sided consumption won't terminate
    Immersing in lust
    Only lust for power prevails
    The underdogs crawl on the ground

    The forged lies soar in the sky
    In the sky
    Calmly observing and ignoring is a betrayal to the set
    To the set

    The chain of rebellion breeds the dismay
    The reckless steps need to be stopped

    The reposed revolution eases the pain
    Slowly the decayed system is starting to change

    The grace of the people will slash heaven and earth
    For the disappearance of society distinction
    And the violated human rights
    But still the earth distorted by agony will continue screaming
    Is there hope for the burden of the human race?

    Create the chain of faith that will transcend culture
    and modern thoughts
    Share the privilege of welfare
    Again today the sun will rise and new blood will be born

    Again today the sun will rise and new blood will be born

    The refrained destiny
    Continue to take action
    Destroy the sanctuary of the authority
    The withered well will gush with water

    Light of hope is reviving
    This is a sacred war

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