GUN DOG/Humanity

Power Of The Sun


word: K music: GUN DOG



It was my everything.
But I don't have it anymore.
It was my pleasure.
But you deprived me of it all.
There was my everything.
Then I'm sure you knew it all.
There was my pleasure.
But you took it away.

Were you thinking of me?
While you were doing it for him?
Were you thinking of yourself?
When you deceived yourself?
This was my everyting.
But nothing is left anymore.
This is my everything. I'll try to live.

Finally I'm living alone.
Finally I'm getting alone.
Finally I'm always alone.
It's just a time to open your mind.

There was my pleasure.
But, why did you take it away?

After all I'm living alone.
After all I'm getting alone.
After all I'm always alone.
My tears never gonna dry.

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