There is no turing back
and there's no escape
I can barely breathe and I'm washed away
All is lost, swallowed whole
by what Ive made

Easy to let myself go with the flow
This is my story so I won't be a pawn

Take it back
Take it back again
I'll take my life back
from what I left behind
I gotta say goodbye

No turning back and no escape
Covered with the mistake I've made
This is the path that I take
to live my own life that I have to seize

When all the hope is gone
and when your life is lost
Tell me
"would you end it with no regret"

It's time to turn the page
There is no turning back

Light up the tunnel
At the end we'll see our way
Light up the tunnel
It's time to turn the page
and our journey is on

It won't be long til we get through the storm
Raise a sail
Venture out to the ocean
with a purest passion
There is no turning back
No there's no turning back


I had been waiting to be saved
but our hero's gone
and idols sink so low

You're the only one that save yourself
What are you waiting for
What are you striving for

From now on
Open your eyes
This is just what you write

Take it back
with a pen and your blood
Take your life back

No matter how dark the night is
Morning always comes
and our journey begins anew
This is what we live for

Tonight we are the dreamers

Till the day we save ourselves

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