Why Are You Acting Like A Slave
Why Are You Trying Stay The Same
Why Do You Hide Yourself
Can We Take A Leap Of Faith

See What You're Bleeding See What You're Feeling
See What You're Running From
You Gotta Look Inside
Of Your Darkest Night
It Makes You Feel Alive Again

Raise Your Voice Raise Your Voice
You're At The Edge of Your Resolution
Raise Your Voice Raise Your Voice
You Gotta Find Yourself Gotta Find The Only Way

I Know You Want To Be Yourself
I Know You Want To Break That Shell
How Will You Change Yourself? So Weak With Pride And Shame

Come On And Raise Your Voice
Before You Say Goodbye To You

Before You're Broken Down
Pull The Trigger!
You Are A Bullet In The Chain Bar Go And Make Your Move
Pull The Trigger!
Keep Searching For Signs
Deep Breath And Just Close Your Eyes

Feel Your Heart, Count That Beats
No one can stop The Way You Breathe
Crawling Down To The Crowd
Guided By The Lights In The Dark
Now It's Time To Change Your Fate
You Will Hear The Sound Of Silence
Close Your Eyes And Taking Aim
See Your Dreams And Find The Way

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