Who, where, are all the enemies around us
I look and yet I never seem to know
Tonight I say that fate is in the moment
Right here among us

So before you go hating on another
Why don't you try and love the way I do
Something is telling me that we're all human
We want the same thing

Don't you go and worry so much
'Bout your manners, it's not nice, no
Go on, life it never moves too slow
So don't spend it waiting

Thanks to all of you, we'll dazzle even brighter now
Let the diamond thrill our hearts tonight
Brighter than the stars, oh radiant, the only one
Take me back to wild delight
Most unusually, defenseless are we
We'll offer a reply, unknown, out of sight

No, not a single enemy is hiding
Too true no matter if you take it off
Wall everybody wants to tremble some yeah
Before the war starts

Don't you go and worry so much
'Bout what happens, it's not fun, no
Go on, life is not so big you know
No time like the moment

Thanks to all of you, we'll push it even further now
Let the diamond sear our hearts tonight
Stay right here with me, we'll find the fuse and blow it up
Test me now, my manic delight
Universally defenseless are we
We'll make it on our own and start a new world

Don't think much of this, hey, go ahead make fun of it
Oh, I haven't yet begun to fight
All that I have said still hasn't been the best of it
So much more is coming to you

Thank you everyone and welcome to the diamond light
Shimmer with me hey now here tonight
Nothing can come up that ever keeps us down again
We'll just simply laugh at our plight
I'll get out of here while I've got the chance

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