You were so helpless
Falling to the dark without a lifeline
Losing the reason and purpose to breathe
You felt so lifeless

This empty space has one more spark
As it grows up, as it crystallizes
You learn to shed a stream of tears that guides you home
It's time
You have to decide

Keep your head in the air
You'll never say never
And take the first breath
Keep your feet on the Earth
You're never what you were
So leave the water
Up from the ground now
You'll get there someday
This is the way you are
You're never what you were
It's all fantastic

You start to break all the shells in your heart to end the silence
The place was safe, but believe in the trip that you're gonna make

This beautiful world has one more life
As it grows up, as it crystallizes
It starts to walk against the wind
Now keep your eyes on this transformation

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