Before the sunrise
We were sitting on a bench
The longest silence was spreading over us
You gave me something I never had before
Holding on both my hands so tightly

Now tell me, what can I find out?
Or what will come across my mind
Upon this cloudy night
I always tried to reach the sky
When I was staring at the ground
I almost lost the sight of everything I had

Fall in the sky

Before the sunrise
I stand up from the bench without hesitation
And behind where I stand
You let go of my hands
Saying that I will make it
I still feel the warmth of your cold hands

The ground is now invisible
And getting unreliable
I'm falling upside down
I never watch my steps too much
When I am staring at the sky
Oh, can you lift me up until I see the sun?

Fall in the sky

Someday your shade will fade away
And get buried deep in my memories
I won't forget the words you said
They never changed the world, they changed my heart
Before the cloud hides the sunrise
That both of us were dreaming of that day
I swear I will keep the promise
That I made with you sitting on that bench

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