Sadie/Crimson Tear

Payment of Vomiter


word: 真緒 music: Sadie

『Crimson Tear』収録

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  • The reality drives me mad.
    No one can trust it.
    Tell me all the reasons.
    Something might be broken.
    The past threatens me.
    I want to erase the memory.
    Give me pain and sadness.
    Cause I can become well.

    I can't save me... I can't breath you.

    who are you? Dastroy Them. I'm eruel.
    Break into the mad.

    Vomit... the reason fades away.
    五月雨に舞う滅亡の花 心は君に嘆く
    憎しみながら 苦しみながら 孤独に死を
    I pray for you.


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