Sadie/Crimson Tear

The Heartless


word: 真緒 music: Sadie

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  • What is it to live in now?
    Whom should I trust?
    I'll be surely used easily. it I die.
    Nobody saves oneself.
    Be rebeared by myself.
    Be cause nothing changes even it I worry.


    Please tell me how to smile.
    Please kill my another mind.
    A virtual image disturbs me in a heart.
    Lonely threatens me.
    I shouldn't have been born.
    Can you hear my voice of sereaming.
    裏切りの中 破壊されていく一握の愛
    朽ち果てるならそれだけの事さ 罵倒を願う

    I think in my heart.
    Maybe the wish doesn't come true.

    悲痛に叫び 支配されていく
    My heart is injured by your brain.
    誰を残して誰を裏切るの? 皮肉なdelete game.

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