Only the time is running out Though I have not done anything
Living is natural so I forgot why am I here
Why am I here alive

27years have passed since I first met you
Many circumstance I have gotten through

※I dont't wanna compromise what you said
I'm sorry that I was not as you expect
I am going to be strong every day
You taught me as much as you had learned

Cherry tree hasn't bloomed from that day
He's just there, firmed in the earth
The pictures bleach as the day goes by
But they show we had shared the same good time

Why is there always dark shadow in my heart?
Daddy please lighten me


Give me back the season that we spend the nights together
It smells like it's after the rain
Feel like I can fly to the end of rainbow and hold onto your hand


Give me back the season we had I'm holding your hand
Give me back the season we had Over that rainbow

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