Black or white
Live dark or bright
Realize what's dead or alive

Breath, inhale
Breath, exhale

All we got is all we have
Not enough
But made us tough

Breath, inhale
Breath, exhale
Suffocation, Suffocated, help us

Everything needs a poison (Creation)
If needs to be exploded (Creation)
Even the sky and ocean (Creation)
It all cam from explusion (Creation)

Suffocation, Suffocated, help us

Travel through this time
Help us
Find lost thoughts in our mind
Who breathes and who doesn't
Humans and trees were like cousins
For ever long before
Humans have said, "This is all a coincidence"
I do believe so
But I prefer the word miracle
To be able to breath is one big dream

Clueless we are chosen
To be human and more human
The clue is to be woken
Find out stolen human emotions

Inhale, Exhale
Just breath

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