Baby baby, you say I've got everything
But I don't think I do
Baby baby, you don't understand
I'm so scared. I'm so scared
Baby, you say I'm living a lie
If it's true. it ain't my fault
If you were a millionaire
and I were sleeping on the street
would you have taken me in, baby?

hate the weakness and love the toughness
So simple is your life
I show my crying, which's only to you
That is me, true to me
An antihero has big ego
and wants some placebo
You wonder if you know me
But I'm not two-faced
I just want you to love me all, baby

Leo wants to cry
My Leo wants to cry
Here's the tears for Leo
He's got to cry

You are such a lion, I'm a mouse instead
tough I need to be a lion abroad
I run to you before I run to myself
'Cos you make me feel safe
it's a piece of cake
You scream while I'm meek
Do you ever cry for us?
I'm scared to show my strength
like you're ashamed to cry
Tell me how to hold yourself baby

Leo wants to cry
Leo wants to cry
Leo wants to cry
He doesn't dare to cry

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