It is almost two point five decades since I was
I've had so many of jellos so far and how many
more will I swallow from now on?
I've already taken tons of exams and what else
is coming up to me from now on?
Daily lives must pass by quickly without any
“likes” and “hates”
That girl who falls for guys easily, fell for
another one then another one and another one
each time
For a guy without such experience
Everyday life now is like a stormy river
So fast! Break out!

(so) I sing to myself before I get sunk

I jumped out to stop the streaming days
The coastline I ran on that strong sunny day
(Shore line I ran)
If you wanna take back that feeling
(take back that feeling)
That feeling and give it a deep color of your
own self
First, smash down that door

That guy sitting in the window seat is smart
And that guy two seats away from me has such
a great sense of humor
And that guy I don't like so much even has
good parts
Everyone is calling you too, just like the others

Just play them out so loud
All those CDs in your room
Have become not attracted to the nostalgic

Reshoot those dots
Make yourself into a straight line
On such nights, have some of your favored
Just trace them and next reshoot

Tonight, the thunder knocks on your heart
Run hard
And you never know
You never know
You never know
When the storm
When the storm
Will come to you
Be strong before
That day arrives
Thunder arrives to you
The thunder knocks
The thunder knocks on your heart
Complete your original sketch of dots
Before that day comes
That day arrives to you
The thunder knocks on your heart Run hard
When that day comes to you Run hard
Before that day comes to you

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