My affection is deeper than my despair.
I can't arrive at the answer.
I confined my eternal feelings in my mind.
Your tenderness brings pain to me.

Ideal is just an illusion.
It turns into the ash before long.
Can I call it happiness?
I don't want to think about that.
Only one truth exists, enemy is myself.

閉ざされた迷路を 一人繰り返し
無限の時間を 彷徨い続ける

Calling you forever 叫んでも 何一つ君を 感じられない
今にも崩れそうに 抗う様を嘲笑うシナリオ

全ての祈りを その腕に抱えて
Lovin' you. It's my last farewell. 消えていく

Calling you forever 叶えてよ 残酷な物語を 止めて
If my wish comes true before I become the devil,
let me escape from my miniature garden. THE END.

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