If we have different… faces so do we have
different different sense of values
Each person's perspective
Each person's stance
Each person's sense of value
Take them in

Just how you and I are different
Each person in the world has what they wanna say
What they value
And what they don't care they don't care they don't care about
They are all totally different

In this world that a lot of people live
If what you want is different, so is your sense of value
There may be things you just can't take in
but what you gotta do first is to look
straight towards the person and understand
That's what's important

I've fallen love with you
So I miss you
But I haven't told that to anyone yet
Never call me “Pop Star”
Actually that's not true
My heart is aching

I could never understand what he's saying
But it seems like everything makes sense to him
He brought 18 cream puffs again today

Yeah How chaos this world is
In this world oh that a lot of people live
It means that there are that many different sense of values
So let's try to understand each other

You pigs that are not trying to take each other in and just fighting
Stop the war
Ah You maggots
Ah ah ah

Oh If we have different faces so do we so do
we have different sense of values
[We all live together
If you can not take others in, ]
that is it! that is it!
Try to understand lots and take
[lots and take them in]
and take them in

A chaotic world
There is no need of pointless dispute
The world you see will widen as you learn to
take in the different values

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