Straight to the sky (feat. Luiza)


word: music: Yu-taro


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  • So how many times have you thought what if you could fly in the sky like a bird
    As I said what you think creates sense of affinity, the things were falling apart
    Everything was so bright as you were a child
    Trying to reach out the cloud
    Trying to reach out the sky

    This is just impulsive
    I donʼt understand when it comes from

    One day, weʼll discover
    No matter where you are, the sky is so bright
    This night is illuminated with infinite stars like a gem

    I believe you
    I just wonder if you forget what I said
    I believe you from the start

    However you are bound by gravity, you are not imprisoned
    You have a choice to cut out the chain to open up the possibility of the future
    You remember what it comes from
    Reveal the confidence
    It doesnʼt matter what they say or break
    I will shatter a wall they create
    So cross the border we donʼt give a damn

    This is just the distance we have
    So cross the border we donʼt care

    Open your eyes
    Will you find the way
    I keep your promise no matter where you are
    I carry out

    Taking off
    Itʼs far away from the sky
    It doesnʼt matter where you are
    So break this border between us
    Are you ready to unleash a monster in yourself

    Though we are far away from the sky, weʼll find a way

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