God-given the energy. My heartbeat rises.
Maybe you see is a nightmare. We send you a black
Are there people in this world who stand up for justice?
It's our enemy. Which do you prefer?

We always defeat our enemies with greedy tactics.
Above all, instant kill is the best.

We are gonna scream. We wanna drive them into the
Cause, we are form hell under the name of darkness.
Victory is in our hands. Justice is stupid. It's bad
Eliminate the heroes of this world. Yes, we are DARK

Because there is light, there are shadows. No. There
are shadows in darkness.
I'll show you the theorem later. Which is more
beautiful, the moon or the sun? Which is better, white
or black?

Living on hatred, forgetting tears, and dying someday.
It's beautiful and fleeting.

Gather in the darkness! Let's kill justice! The age of
dark heroes has come.

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