Black rain falls

(Will you tell me?)
Your heart is gone bad
Your heart is withered
Your heart is broken
Nobody listen to your voice

You give up that flapping(flapping)
You are resigned to live(to live)

Where if you go.....

ナミダナガレ 羽ガ枯れ落ちる
(It does not matter I.)

Falls down fall down
The deeper and deeper

闇に染まる心さえも 愛し始めていた

Black rain falls 枯れた心にくちづけ
It's cold
It's cold

Who are you? You are whether the I?
I know all of you
I know all of you
Help, help me
Help me help you for crying out loud
The disappear from inside the head
black rain
black rain pours me.

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